A Hockey Halloween: Racists and Hotties


Girl on the Right? Yes, Please.


Patrick Kane (right) debuting his 2nd brilliant PR move of the year.

Yahoo! Sports has some funny/racist/hot pictures of Halloween costumes  that were all related to the NHL in one way or another.

The first picture comes from a St. Louis Blues game, and I want to thank the brunette on the right for attending.  My newly soiled keyboard and monitor will never think of me the same as a result of your excellent fashion sense.

The second picture are a couple Blackhawks players, Adam Burish and Patrick Kane.  Kane, as we all know from this summer, helped assault a cabbie in his hometown with his hick cousin.  I guess he thought it’d be smart to top it off by painting himself black and dressing as Scottie Pippen for Halloween.

I don’t necessarily condemn Kane for this as it’s all in good fun, but it just shows how much of a dumbass he is for doing it after the incidents that haunted him no more than 6 months ago.  The media is very sensitive, and therefore, he himself shouldn’t have done it.

One more thing, if Dustin Byfuglien, a black teammate of Kane’s, dressed up in whiteface as Luc Longley  or something and joined in with Kane, then this all would have been seen as universally funny by the media. 

Now here’s another hot broad:


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