Dammit, It’s Halloween. Where are all the Sluts?

November 3, 2009
christina aguilera 3 011109

Fucking Lame.

So some celebrities dressed up for Halloween. Wow.  Big fuckin’ deal.  Not one of these idiots dressed up like a hot slut, so frankly I’m pissed and not quite sure why I’m even linking it. 

What is it with celebrities having such shitty, uninventive costumes, anyway?  I’ve seen more intricate and thoughtful designs put together in Alabama, and they don’t even possess sewing kits, let alone imaginations.

Now, here’s my idea what every able-bodied girl should dress like on Halloween:


Very Nice, Minus the "I'm Pooping Myself" Facial Expression


Self-Absorbed “Actress” Gets Hotter, More Insufferable By The Day

October 27, 2009

megan fox

Megan Fox, who’s only famous because of her perfect tits, luscious lips, gorgeous eyes, amazing ass and giant forehead, was recently caught saying something retarded again about how she became her role as a hot-dead-cheerleader-classmate seducer-then-murderer from the shit movie “Jennifer’s Body”:

   “The roles were so amazing and so well written that I think we all ended up being those characters full-time and taking them home with us.”

Ya see, this is why people hate actors.  Even the shitty ones take their jobs seriously.  I wish they didn’t get paid as much as they did, because they wouldn’t take themselves so seriously and do things like “take their roles home with them.” 

Hollywood needs to stop hiring this girl so she gets desperate and does porn.  It’s not like she has a family to go back to or anything.   Now there’s a role she can take home with her, the whore.