Dammit, It’s Halloween. Where are all the Sluts?

November 3, 2009
christina aguilera 3 011109

Fucking Lame.

So some celebrities dressed up for Halloween. Wow.  Big fuckin’ deal.  Not one of these idiots dressed up like a hot slut, so frankly I’m pissed and not quite sure why I’m even linking it. 

What is it with celebrities having such shitty, uninventive costumes, anyway?  I’ve seen more intricate and thoughtful designs put together in Alabama, and they don’t even possess sewing kits, let alone imaginations.

Now, here’s my idea what every able-bodied girl should dress like on Halloween:


Very Nice, Minus the "I'm Pooping Myself" Facial Expression


I Hate Finding this Woman Attractive

November 2, 2009

Annoying, yet attractive

Kim Kardashian is annoying, but she’s also hot.  Meaning:  That’s a hate-fuckin.

Sloth is that You??

November 2, 2009


Sloth from “The Goonies” dressed up as Lady Gaga for Halloween, which in turn made everyone at the party who witnessed this with their own eyes to simultaneously vomit, pass out and die.

Editor’s Note:  Upon further review, this is actually Perez Hilton and not Sloth from “The Goonies.”  Apologies.

Jessica Alba Dressed Up…As Something

November 2, 2009

but most importantly she bent over and we got to see her ass.

Jessica Alba dressed up as something, and it’s clearly retarded, but at least she bent over in her car and revealed to us her ass.  Because if she didn’t, her Halloween costume would have gone unnoticed by my site.

More pictures here, at CelebSlam:

Anyone know what the hell she is?